Hey guys, I'm a Cape Town based Editor and Animator.

For the years before my Film Degree, I loved writing, filming and editing my own Youtube Videos (short skits, films, vlogs and beauty videos).
This passion for storytelling lead me to study Film Writing, Editing and Directing where I honed my self-taught editing and animation skills.

I'm experienced in both large and small scale projects and have reliable time management skills. I will always go the extra mile to create the best version possible. Below you will find my showreel and CV. Give me a shout at if you would like any further info.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Ps. with regards to:

"Also include 2-3 links for work that speak to The Muse’s editorial style and a link to your favorite company
on the Muse and tell us what you like about it."

I'm not quite sure if the "links for work" are my own work or work from your site? With regards to my favorite company on the Muse, it would be Patreon. It's an incredible concept of helping creators crowdfund continuously while giving extra value to their fans. It also looks like a super rad place to work (the jam session station looks awesome!).

Pps. you can download this cover letter and my CV here.





Georgie Goullee - CV.jpg